18-1, January 2, 2018

The Reich Report

Throughout history tyrants have sought to undermine democracy using similar methods. Their tactics include attacking the press, treating all opposition as enemies, encouraging violence, and scapegoating minorities. Consider yourselves warned.

18-1, January 2, 2018

Gun Law Myths. Myth 2 of 4.

MYTH 2 OF 4. NEW GUN LAWS ARE A SLIPPERY SLOPE TO CONFISCATION The gun lobby wants Americans to believe that confiscation is right around the corner because it can’t admit the truth—it’s terrified that […]

Issue 12-15


By Jim Hightower, HightowerLowdown.org Inequality is a Decision – Inequality doesn’t just come out of the blue; it’s created by decisions that elites make — usually behind closed doors, so those knocked down don’t know what (or […]