by Robert P. Watson, Ph.D.

Every day that passes I see the moral fabric of America being ripped apart. I’VE HAD ENOUGH!

ENOUGH of taking health and security entitlements from the the young, elderly, and others.

ENOUGH of playing a dangerous game of lethal chicken with our adversaries.

ENOUGH of voter rights being Jim Crowed again.

ENOUGH of having of monstrous murderers obtaining death raining weapons with no control.

ENOUGH of the fouling our air and water by the short-sighted and the greedy.

ENOUGH of women working as hard as men but for less pay.

ENOUGH of redistributing resources from the poor and middle class to the already wealthy.

ENOUGH of the lies and fake news cavalierly being broadcast from the highest places in the land.

ENOUGH of the loss of civility in our social interactions.

ENOUGH of the obvious interference of Russia in our elections and foreign policy decisions.

ENOUGH of government policies being heavily influenced by the racist Alt-Right.

Yes, I’ve had enough of all these travesties and so many others. I believe it’s the responsibility of each of us to stand up and push back. We 70%ers are the real rational majority in this country. We need to make our voices heard in common cause.

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