Editorial: FL Senator Rubio Complicit in Las Vegas Murders


October 2, 2017 Here’s an op-ed I wrote this morning before my outrage could subside!

FL Senator Rubio Complicit
in Las Vegas Murders

Complicit: Involved with others
in an activity that is
unlawful or morally wrong.

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In the less than five years since the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 150,000 more Americans have been killed by guns –
a number that is more than 30 times the number of Americans killed in the Iraq War.

The digital counter on the website of Stop Handgun Violence tallies the gun deaths, based on historical averages gleaned from US Center for Disease Control death statistics.
Each year the counter is updated to reflect the most recent data.
This year, it went up by 88 deaths per day, which many agree is a conservative estimate. –StopHandgunViolence.org

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio and his Republican colleagues in Congress are in cahoots with the NRA in the murders in Las Vegas, at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, and in the 150,000 deaths from guns in the five years since Sandy Hook.

Their insistence on turning their heads while this unconscionable situation continues, year after year after year is a travesty. If someone is complicit in a crime or immoral activity, they are involved in it — Senator Rubio is involved in the Las Vegas murders.

When the government found out that a certain type of crib resulted in 32 children dying over 10 years, what did the government do about the cribs? “Outlawed them,”
But 10,000 kids die or get injured because of guns every single year and we can’t pass even the most measly common sense safety laws? -Sally Kohn, CNN

 From this day on, Floridians (and Americans) must hold Senator Rubio and his Republican colleagues in Congress responsible for every additional gun-related death until “crib” common sense safety laws are passed regarding guns.

Even conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said, regarding guns and the Second Amendment, “There are some limitations that can be imposed.”
And simple measures like requiring universal background checks and restricting semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines
are supported not only by a majority of Americans but a majority of gun owners.




Note: Senator Rubio is up for election in 2018.