Petition — Help Restore People’s Right To Vote!

Voter Restoration Amendment Petition

Give Floridians a Second Chance.

Florida’s Voting Restoration Amendment would allow people who’ve paid their debt to society to earn back their right to vote.

Exactly two people in Florida are stopping this from happening: Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi!

  • It’s not in the Florida Constitution.
  • It’s not an act passed by the Florida legislature.

Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi could remedy this tomorrow — but they won’t. They’re determined to keep people from voting who are likely to vote Democratic! And former felons are very likely to vote Democratic.

We need your help to put the Amendment on the 2018 ballot!

We need your help to override Governor Scott’s immoral stonewalling!

Floridians believe in second chances. Restoring a person’s right to vote once they’ve fulfilled their obligations to society gives them an opportunity for redemption and a chance to be full members of their community.

What the Voting Restoration Amendment Does

  •  Florida is one of only three states with a lifetime ban on voting. The Amendment modernizes Florida’s criminal justice rules by bringing our state in line with others nationwide.
  •   People must fully complete all terms of their sentence, including probation and parole, before they earn back their right to vote.
  • The Amendment doesn’t apply to people who’ve committed murder or sexual offenses.
  • The amendment stops Governor Scott’s immoral stonewalling.

Supporters — Law enforcement, faith leaders, employers, and a large majority of Floridians from all walks of life support people being able to earn back their right to vote because it gives them a stake in the community and makes it less likely they will end up back in prison.

700,000 Petitions — In order to make sure that the Voting Restoration Amendment appears on the 2018 ballot, nearly 700,000 petitions need to be collected from Florida voters.

Print It and Sign It
Once you have downloaded the petition, you will need to print it out, sign it and return it via U.S. mail to:
Floridians for a Fair Democracy, Inc.
3000 Gulf to Bay Blvd.
Suite 503
Clearwater, FL 33759

Make sure to fill out all of the required fields — incomplete forms will not be counted.

Share — Also, make sure to print out copies for your friends, family and co-workers as well.  You can ask them to sign the petition, too, and then mail all completed forms back to the office in the same envelope!.