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Issue 18-18, October 8, 2018

Issue 18-17, September 10, 2018

Issue 18-16, August 25, 2018

Issue 18-15, August 10, 2018 – Special: Inner City Issue

  • We Recommend: Candidates on the August 28, 2018 Ballot.

    NOTE: If a candidate has no same-party competition in the Primary election, that candidate will not appear on your Primary ballot.
  • A Rally for MAMA (Mothers Against Murderers Association) | Opinion

     by Steve West Readers may remember Angela Williams from my recent column titled “Over the Rainbow.” Angels Walk Our Streets — I discovered a remarkable treasure quietly tucked away in an unremarkable corner of Palm Beach [...]
  • Angela Latoya Williams Nominated To Be A CNN Hero

    Angela Williams, founder and president of MAMA (Mothers Against Murderers Association), was recently nominated to be a CNN Hero. CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute is a television special created by CNN to honor individuals who make extraordinary contributions [...]
  • Friends of MAMA News

    Exciting happenings for MAMA (Mothers Against Murderers Association, GRANTS We have a couple of retired fund raisers and grant writers who have already started to send out feelers. One major company has expressed great [...]
  • Losing a Child to a Senseless Act of Violence

    by Gwendolyn S. Braswell-Nash Mar 6, 2008 AS A MOTHER, I could never fathom the loss of a child. I had always assumed my sons would bury me. I was not ready to lose my [...]
  • Crime and Guns: The Inner-City Crisis

    by David B. Kopel [This article was written in 1993. Its observations are still timely today — although the important suggestions Kopel makes are still largely ignored. Why? Politicians refuse to allocate the necessary funds [...]
  • Also Worth Following This Month (Article and Podcast)

    Gentrification shreds the fabric of our cities while making rich developers even richer To the amazement of longtime locals in many parts of America, gentrification has surged in recent years, suddenly swamping whole communities in [...]
  • Job Description of the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services

    The Florida Commissioner of Agriculture And Consumer Services is a cabinet-level officer who oversees the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the state agency that regulates and promotes the Florida agriculture industry. The commissioner is popularly [...]
  • Job Description: Florida Chief Financial Officer

    The Chief Financial Officer of the State of Florida is a state executive position in the government of Florida. The chief financial officer oversees the Florida Department of Financial Services, a conglomeration of state agencies including the Departments [...]
  • Job Description: Florida Attorney General

    The Attorney General of Florida is an elected state officer who serves as the attorney for the State of Florida. The attorney general is responsible for the enforcement of state consumer protection and antitrust laws and civil prosecution of criminal [...]

Issue 18-14, July 25, 2018

  • This year is the perfect year to “vote from your dining room table.”

    The Ballot — In Both August and November — Will Be Particularly Long! The August ballot has the judicial candidates, plus all the Democratic candidates vying for a spot on the November ballot. The November [...]
  • Learn About the 13 Amendments on the November Ballot!

    The Florida League of Women Voters has created a comprehensive listing of all 13 ballots, their descriptions, and the League’s considered recommendations. A great resource for Florida voters. Click here to view:       [...]
  • Graduates, Have You Registered To Vote? (video)

    Click image below to view:             Click image below to register to vote in 2018!                
  • The New American Aristocracy

    by Jim Hightower – Minority Rule — Multi-billionaire brothers, Charles and David Koch, want to supplant America’s core democratic principle of majority rule — ie, the will of The People — with their plutocratic principle [...]
  • 14 Early Warning Signs of Fascism and Is the GOP a Fascist Movement?

    [ed. Two articles on fascism. What do you think?] Laurence W. Britt wrote about the common signs of fascism in April, 2003, after researching seven fascist regimes: Hitler’s Nazi Germany; Mussolini’s Italy; Franco’s Spain; Salazar’s [...]
  • Also Worth Reading This Month

    What are progressives fighting *for*? Progress! Meaning a national commitment to advance the economic, political, and social circumstances of workaday families and poor people. Yes, that requires major change, and it will definitely make powerful enemies [...]

Issue 18-13, July 15, 2018

  • Crime and Guns: The Inner-City Crisis

    by David B. Kopel [This article was written in 1993. Its observations are still timely today — although the important suggestions Kopel makes are still largely ignored. Why? Politicians refuse to allocate the necessary funds [...]
  • Way over the rainbow | Opinion

    by Steve West   An Extraordinary Journey — An associate, Arlene Ustin, offhandedly asked if I had a few minutes to meet a lady. No problem, let’s go. That serendipitous detour took me down a yellow [...]
  • How to Buy a Gun in 15 Countries

    by Audrey Carlsen and Sahil Chinoy,New York Times Many Americans can buy a gun in less than an hour. In some countries, the process takes months. Here are the basic steps for how most people [...]
  • Are Our Palm Beach County Elections Safe?

    A message from Supervisor Susan Bucher… When you ask me, your Supervisor of Elections, about voter fraud and elections tampering, my goal is to ensure you that our system is secure and that each vote [...]
  • Civics 101

    In case you’ve forgotten what you were exposed to in your high school civics class­ —  with much appreciation to the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County ( — you may find what [...]
  • Answers to Your Questions about Florida Judges, Judicial Elections and Merit Retention

      VIDEOS How do justices and appeals court judges get on the court? (Video YouTube 28 sec.) In a general election, why am I asked to vote yes or no on some judges? (Video YouTube 35 sec.) [...]

Issue 18-12, July 1, 2018

  • Mail Ballots Arriving Before You Know It!

    The 2018 Primary Election is August 28th. Are You Signed Up to Vote By Mail? Mail ballots for the August 28th Primary election are due in the mail to you about July 23rd . . [...]
  • Many, Many Choices For This Year’s Ballot!

    Crucial — The elections of 2018 are unusually crucial. The ballots are likely to have 5 pages or more for you to select from! Candidates —  Many voters will vote for a candidate for Governor and [...]
  • Verify Your Voting Status Now!

    Check to make sure the Supervisor of Elections office has you registered and has your mail ballot request. Go here to find out, or call 561-656-6200. ###
  • Government Has a Moral Mission: Necessities vs. Services

    George Lakoff, (abridged) Author, The Political Mind, Don’t Think of an Elephant The moral missions of government impose a distinction between necessities and services. Necessities — Government has a moral mission to provide necessities: adequate food, [...]

Issue 18-11, June 15, 2018

Issue 18-10, June 1, 2018

Issue 18-9, May 15, 2018

Issue 18-8, May 1, 2018

Issue 18-7, April 15,2018

  • Grandparents Against Guns – GAG | Opinion

    by Steve West I only have 550 words to spend. I could use them all with adjectives of praise for the Parkland students – but I won’t. The reader doesn’t need this column as a [...]
  • Take the Pledge!

    Click here to take the voter pledge. Click here to take the candidate pledge.  
  • The DCCC’s Long, Ugly History of Sabotaging Progressives

    The latest attacks on left challengers are no fluke: For decades the House Democratic fundraising body has put corporate, big-money interests first. by Branco Marcetic, In These Times In February, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) attempted to undermine Democratic [...]

    The names of hundreds of members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (“ALEC”), details of which are closely guarded by the group, are revealed in a document obtained by Documented through a public records request. The list, [...]
  • The 99% Human Rights Agenda

    Here’s a rough draft of such an agenda: The right to a job at living wage: Everyone who is willing and able to work should be entitled to a job that today would pay at [...]
  • The Four Key Signs of Weaponization

    Yesterday, I spoke on a panel aptly titled “Outrage Activism.” For my talk I wanted to dive into something I’ve been thinking through for awhile but have never written down: the difference between activism and [...]
  • Opinion: Republicans Declare War on the Middle Class

    by Michael K. Cantwell, Republicans are marketing the tax “reform” passed in December as a middle class tax cut. Shockingly, Democrats are silent, although they could and should be referring to it using the [...]
  • Judge Mark Walker Steps Up to the Plate And Knocks Rick Scott Out of the Park

    by Michael K. Cantwell, When former felon Steven Warner appeared before the Florida Executive Clemency Board to plead to have his voting rights restored, he told Rick Scott, “I voted for you,” Scott laughed [...]

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